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Here is a well-balanced light weight handmade camping knife suitable for any purpose. This custom knife with fixed narrow blade is distinguished from other knives by its high strength, excellent...


Here is a well-balanced light weight handmade camping knife suitable for any purpose. This custom knife with fixed narrow blade is distinguished from other knives by its high strength, excellent cutting properties, and beauty.

Its blade is 145mm long and 2.0-2.40mm thick while the entire knife is 260mm long. The knife has its fixed blade made stainless steel and its handle made of Hornbeam with African Blackwood.

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✔️ Total Length: 260 mm

✔️ Blade Length: 145 mm

✔️ Thickness: 2.00 - 2.4 mm

✔️ Blade Material: Stainless Steel 95CH18 (440C)

✔️ Handle: Hornbeam with African Blackwood

✔️ Guard/Bolster/Pommel: Brass


Knife measurements, Weights are estimated and may vary from knife to knife.
The knife comes with a fine quality leather sheath. The sheath has a belt inserting loop and can be worn on the belt

Stainless Steel 95CH18 (440C): This is a stainless steel and has a high hardness, but at the same time it' flexible and strong enough. It's not a secret that ball bearings and roller bearings and other parts which have a high of hardness and durability are part of it.

The 95CH18 (440C) steel knife is hard to sharpen, but after that, it will remain sharp for a long time. These knives require little care and are not affected by moisture, and such knives are also indispensable in various situations for people hunting, fishing, or on a hiking trip. Blades go through the process of forging in our smithy, and that means the steel comes to us in the rods which will be cut and unpacked for forgings.

The process of hardening blades in our electrical thermo-furnaces is at 1050 degrees with air release. Stamp "95CH18" means a grade of steel and is knocked out "by heat" when hardening the blade. As for the stamp, we do not make any "beautiful" engravings - the stamp is knocked out!

These blades have a hardness of 59 units on Rockwell scale (units of hardness). The assembly of the handles of these knives is combined and assembled through a pin. The handles are made of valuable and solid hardwoods such as African Blackwood, wenge, rosewood, Burmese mahogany, hornbeam etc., We also use the birch bark.

The material of the handles used in the manufacture of knives. When we manufacture handles, we use such valuable hardwoods as African Blackwood, wenge, hornbeam, rosewood, nutwood, and Bubinga. We also use set birch bark, set leather, and Elkhorn.

On some knives, we put a stabilized Karelian birch, which is presented in different colors and shades. Cover plates for Fultangi (all-metal knives) were produced with a micarta and less wood.


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